Since our inception in 2012 we, at Red CCTV, have always sought to provide solutions for our clients that are not only cutting edge, but relevant to their business needs as well. All too often solution providers seek to provide services based on the latest technological development, and the business need becomes secondary.

Our fundamental aim is to provide a solution that, first and foremost provides you with a solution that addresses your requirement, and secondly fits into your business and the way you operate. The innovation and technology that we develop and deploy is a means to providing that end in the most effective and efficient manner.

With these principles in mind we have developed ranges of products that ensure your assets are protected to the very highest standards whether from criminal activity, or environmental hazards.

Red CCTV understand that your assets come in all sorts of shapes, and sizes and the solutions that are required need to be as adaptable as the assets that need protecting. Whether this is a large open plan manufacturing site or a complex inner city development with a varied and complex network of walkways and operating areas.

This is why we have not only applied our innovations in powering CCTV to reducing your carbon footprint or running costs. Our energy efficient systems enable you to install compact battery powered camera systems transmitting HD images wherever you need them, giving you peace of mind whatever the asset is that needs protecting.

Our battery powered RED Eye HD CCTV camera units are small enough to fit in your hand. They can be attached in minutes and be providing cover, maintenance free, from the most confined spaces to the most open spaces for up to two years on a single pair of batteries.

At Red CCTV we understand that you cannot always have the things you want protected conveniently located next to a mains power supply and high speed broadband connection. Some of the locations our clients ask us to secure are not even located next to a free standing structure to attach a surveillance to.

This is why we developed our Solar and Hybrid range of products, which are able to be deployed rapidly to virtually any site. These units require little or no power and are able to transmit high definition images to our analytics centres wirelessly. Which enables our Solar and Hybrid products to boldly go where other CCTV (and manned) solutions fear to tread.

What’s more, environmental impact and carbon footprints have never been more topical issues for businesses. Red CCTV can supply a range of services that remove worries surrounding these issues. From fully solar-powered systems to hybrid solutions incorporating the latest hydrogen fuel-cell technologies; Red CCTV can offer a fully integrated security service for your organisation with a very small carbon footprint.

As we know hazards and dangers frequently come as unpleasant surprises from the most unexpected sources, so whether this is the irregular nature of our great British weather, or a pedestrian coming out of nowhere our Red 360º products aim to give you, the 360º vision needed to better anticipate and react to hazards as they arise.

The Red 360º are designed to enable drivers to not only have a much greater field vision around the vehicle they are in control of, but with our wireless 24/7 remote monitoring service enable a central control centre to know what is happening whenever it is happening with any given vehicle at any point in time.

Red 360º CCTV products not only help to protect your vehicles from criminal activity or accidental damage they can also provide valuable evidence that accurately identifies responsibility in the event of an incident.

Red CCTV adaptive video analytics technology has comprehensively evolved video surveillance from being a strictly forensic tool into a powerful proactive solution. Paired with high definition video surveillance, Red CCTV’s adaptive video analytics provide security operators with highly accurate alerts and clear image detail, enhancing their ability to effectively intervene and take action before an incident occurs.

  • HD Quality Picture.
  • Bespoke solutions available.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Future proof & upgradable.
  • Avoid false alarm & call out costs.
  • Full remote setup.
  • All features are upgradable.
  • IP compatible.
  • Highest Home Office Accreditation.
  • Up to 95% reduction in false alarms.
  • Remote diagnostics.
  • iLids Accredited.