Red CCTV has enviable experience from working with the Utilities sector’s biggest name. Projects have ranged from rapid-deployable solutions preventing flytipping problems; to fixed systems monitoring critically important assets at key locations around the UK.

In today’s day and age, the security of UK infrastructure is more crucial than ever. With vast experience at securing such sites, Red CCTV is an obvious choice to protect your assets.

The fully-integrated services provided by Red CCTV, such as CCTV, guarding, monitoring and maintenance; allow for peace of mind and the knowledge that all problems can be handled in-house by our expert teams.

Red CCTV is proud to have worked on some of the most high profile rail projects in the UK. From Crossrail to the East Coast Mainline upgrade, Red CCTV has provided bespoke solutions to various security issues for the industry’s best-known contractors.

Such projects have ranged from using a fully solar-powered FastMast to monitor an isolated landslip close to trackside; to preventing the theft of expensive equipment from inner city rail compounds.

Red CCTV strives to keep its accreditations and qualifications (both as a company and for its staff members) as current as possible in order to react quickly, quietly and efficiently to any problem its clients may have.

The construction industry is driving the UK economy. This makes securing the assets of construction firms and they clients more crucial than ever. Through various bespoke solutions Red CCTV can mitigate the common risks facing construction firms.

Red CCTV is proud to have been contracted by some of the UK’s and Ireland’s largest construction companies. This experience, coupled with our preference for placing the building of long term relationships over short term gain, makes Red CCTV the perfect choice for your security needs.

Particularly in remote, isolated or powerless sites, Red CCTV can offer solutions to common problems such as theft, vandalism and arson. These can range from fixed systems, turnstiles and guards for longer term projects; to rapid deployable CCTV towers than can operate anywhere. Safety is paramount in the construction industry. At Red CCTV, we practice what we preach and operate a zero tolerance policy to unsafe and unsuitable workplace behaviours.

Red CCTV’s experience across many sectors offers unparalleled nous and ability to meet the demands of any project. This is no different in the commercial sector. From fixed access and CCTV solutions to shorter term requirements, there is no project we will not provide a FOC quote for.

We are proud to have worked on some notable commercial projects in the UK, including providing services for companies such as Ebay and large scale UK property developers. We use the latest BIM techniques in tandem with our clients to ensure the most effective solutions is provided.

Restaurants, offices, leisure centres and shopping centres are just some of the premises we have completed projects on. Our fully-integrated service offering ensures that a client will not have to look further afield for any maintenance or monitoring. Our integrity ensures that we will be trusted to meet your needs.

CCTV is no longer limited to crime prevention; and has a mulititude of guises and applications.


Vehicular cameras can provide peace of mind, accountability and safety for all your fleet. Whether a 37 tonne excavator or a small van, Red CCTV can install a 360º degree camera system that interlinks pictures from multiple cameras using state of the art ‘stitching’ techniques. We have the experience, nouse and ability to deliver a full service solution of fitting and ongoing maintenance with a minimum of fuss and at no disruption to your fleet.