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Halo Access A-Pod

The Halo Access A-Pod is a contactless cloud based site access solution.

It can be placed anywhere a controlled access is required.

Users access the A-Pod via the Halo Access App using their Smartphone as a virtual key.

The Pod checks the facial biometrics and body temperature of operatives and only allows site entry to those who pass pre-defined checks.

The process is quick and easy, and completed in minutes without the need for human intervention.

It also acts as a flow control system, ensuring only the right amount of people are on site at any given time.

The A-Pod is fully managed via its own dedicated web interface, providing clients with full access control, and allowing the real-time onboarding of personnel.

Features such as compulsory face mask and safety helmet alerts can be easily added, and interaction with workers certifications CSCS or PTS cards.

The A-Pod is a revolutionary contact access system, which provides safety to individuals without compromising the security of the site.


Cloud Technology Provides
Total Client Control


Secure Access

Access to the Halo Access A-Pod can only be achieved by permitted users via the Halo Smart Tile App. The App checks users credentials, records the time of entry ands


Customisable Permissions

Clients can issue short term site access permissions and control elements including checking for hard hats, face masks or other site entry conditions


Flow Control

The Halo Access A-Pod means clients can control numbers of people on site and keep precise, historical records of people on site at any one time.


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"The Halo Access A-Pod is a fully contactless site solution, the future for site access."

Technical Director

Ash Cardno

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