Red CCTV is proud to have been contracted by some of the UK and Ireland’s largest construction companies.

This experience, coupled with our preference for placing the building of long term relationships over short term gain, makes Red CCTV the perfect choice for your security needs.

Particularly in remote, isolated or powerless sites, Red CCTV can offer solutions to common problems such as theft, vandalism, and arson.

These can range from fixed systems, turnstiles, and guards for longer-term projects; to rapidly deployable CCTV towers than can operate anywhere.

Safety is paramount in the construction industry. At Red CCTV, we practice what we preach and operate a zero-tolerance policy to unsafe and unsuitable workplace behaviors.

The construction industry is driving the UK economy.

This makes securing the assets of construction firms and their clients more crucial than ever.

Through various bespoke solutions, Red CCTV can mitigate the common risks facing construction firms.

To learn more or to talk to Red CCTV about your security concerns contact the team on +44 (0) 845 241 0526 or by emailing us:


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