Solar & Hybrid

Solar & Hybrid

Red CCTV understand that you cannot always have the things you want protected conveniently located next to a mains power supply and high speed broadband connection.

Some of the locations our clients ask us to secure are not even located next to a free standing structure that would allow us to connect surveillance options too.

So, we developed our own range of Solar and Hybrid CCTV solutions including the hugely impressive Halo Tower range.

These can be deployed rapidly to virtually any site – anywhere.

They require little or no power and are able to transmit high definition images to our analytics centres wirelessly.

Red CCTVs hybrid and solar range of products go where other CCTV – and manned –  solutions fear to tread.

What’s more the hybrid and solar solutions are hugely beneficial to the environment.

They help to reduce clients carbon footprint by eliminating harmful CO2 emissions.

From fully solar-powered systems to hybrid solutions incorporating the latest hydrogen fuel-cell technologies; Red CCTV can offer a fully integrated security service for your organisation with a very small carbon footprint.

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