Red CCTV has vast experience in the utility sector and has worked for many years with the sector’s biggest names.

Projects have ranged from rapidly deployable solutions to protect flytipping problems to fixed systems monitoring critically important assets at key locations across the UK.

The security of the UK infrastructure is more crucial than ever and our experience makes Red CCTV an obvious choice to protect your assets.

We provide fully-integrated services including CCTV, guarding, monitoring, and maintenance allowing for peace of mind and the knowledge that all problems can be handled in-house by our expert teams.

Through various bespoke solutions, Red CCTV can mitigate the common risks facing construction firms.

* To learn more or to talk to Red CCTV about your security concerns contact the team on +44 (0) 845 241 0526 or by emailing us: info@redcctv.co.uk


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