Red CCTV Lead Pipeline Industries Guild Webinar LIVE Tomorrow On Future Of Site Security, Contactless And Carbon Neutral

Red CCTV Lead Pipeline Industries Guild Webinar LIVE Tomorrow On Future Of Site Security, Contactless And Carbon Neutral

Red CCTV will lead a Pipeline Industries Guild LIVE Webinar TOMORROW on The Future of Site Security, Contactless and Carbon Neutral.

Managing Director Rob Kennedy and Technical Director Ashley Cardno will discuss three key issues affecting construction sites and compounds and you can watch for FREE.

They will provide an insight into new industry leading technology designed to future proof the industry and achieve carbon neutrality.

The webinar will begin at 12 noon on Tuesday July 27 and will include a 30-minute presentation entitled; ‘The Future Of Site Security: Contactless and Carbon Neutral.’

They will host a 30-minite Q&A following the presentation for Pipeline Industries Guild delegates though anyone can register and take part, or simply watch online,

The webinar will be recorded and available via the PIG YouTube channel following the event or to join live please click this link to register.

Net Zero

Red CCTV Technical Director Ashley Cardno said: “Over the past 12 months we have seen this drive to achieve Net Zero but the conversation, the determination to reduce carbon emissions goes back much further than that.

“The team at Red CCTV have long since been champions of the need to reduce, and in fact eradicate carbon emissions, and we have worked tirelessly to change the way we do things, to lessen our impact on the environment.

“Traditionally site CCTV Systems have been powered by diesel generators pumping CO2 into the atmosphere at an alarming rate and so we set about making a change.

“We introduced the first solar powered trailer CCTV System, then developed the first modular CCTV Tower powered initially by a hybrid solutions before then introducing wind and turbine power.

“The modular nature of the tower reduced site visits and vehicular movement as it enabled us to install multiple towers in a single visit, saving fuel and emissions.

“This year we have introduced the Halo Scout, the first autonomously powered CCTV System, capable of staying in the field for up to a year, live streaming 4K footage from powerful cameras equipped with leading analytics all under it’s own power.

“This Net Zero System is now being used across the UK eliminating the carbon footprint for our clients in relation to security.”


Red CCTV have led the race to achieve Net Zero and showed great adaptability and innovation in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, creating two products which have enabled key workers to continue to work safely,

The Halo Shield was created as a specific request from a client to protect key workers. The thermal body measuring system is capable of up to 30-people-per second and identifies anyone with an elevated temperature, a key symptom of Covid.

It allowed clients including Cadent, Network Plus, workers on HS2, TransPennine Upgrade and many more to create safer working spaces throughout the pandemic.

The Halo Shield inspired the team at Red to create the Halo Access A-Pod, a totally contactless site access solution designed to future proof entry to site.

Operatives gain access to site using their smart phone, via the Access A-Pod, which checks workers credentials, temperature checks and other requirements without the need for human intervention, without onboarding controlled in real time via cloud technology.

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