Halo Smart Tile


Halo Smart Tile

The Halo Smart Tile is a revolutionary check-in and access control solution for guards. It is the smart new way to record guards around a location, providing a single mobile application for all your guard tour needs.

Smart Tile allows users to register themselves at any location, simply by scanning a passive tile’s QR code or NFC chip with their mobile device.

Ideal for monitoring security guards during their guard tours, it gives organisations the confidence that their security team are in the right location at the right time and eradicates the need for paper records.

In addition, Smart Tile links with existing access control systems, allowing guards to move seamlessly around a building.

Smart Tile has full reporting functionality, through an online dashboard. Reports include track and trace, exception reporting for non-compliance, lone worker alarms, summary statistics, individual specific data unique to each operative – all available through an online dashboard or via downloaded files.


There are many key benefits from using the Halo Shield Tile including:

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