Barhale Huge CCTV Carbon Saving

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Barhale Huge CCTV Carbon Saving

Barhale saved 24 tonnes of carbon thanks to Red CCTV’s eco-friendly CCTV Tower System.

They deployed the Halo Eco Smart CCTV system at the £2.8 million Anglian Water Potters Way Project in Peterborough.

The Halo Towers have a unique power supply which reduces the need traditional for diesel generators and thus saves fuel and harmful CO2 emissions.

By deploying the Halo Eco Smart CCTV Towers to provide security during the Potters Way Project, Barhale saved £24,000 in fuel costs and a staggering 23,813 kg of carbon.

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “It is another fine example of how can provide cutting edge security solutions without damaging the environment.

“The Halo Eco Smart CCTV Tower is a highly technologically advanced system which reduces the need to use traditional generators.

Carbon Footprint

“It means companies like Barhale can reduce their carbon footprint and save money without compromising on quality.

“The Halo Eco Smart CCTV System is the future for site security. Highly portable, durable and suitable for any environment. We are delighted with it’s success.”

Red CCTV created a bespoke security solution for Barhale as they embarked on the £2.8 million Anglian Water @ one Alliance Potters Way project in Peterborough.

The Anglian Water @ one Alliance is a collaboration of seven partner companies; Anglian Water, Balfour Beatty, Barhale, MMB, MWH Treatment, Skanska and Sweco, working on behalf of Anglian Water to deliver more than half of their capital investment project.

The Potters Way Project involved renewing 435 meters of sewer pipes, carrying as much as 4,000 litres of sewage per second.

The pipes carry the majority of Peterborough’s sewage flow and the project was completed without interrupting the service thanks to some innovative engineering.

Contractors Barhale, a partner within @one Alliance, were ‘highly commended in the Innovation category of Anglian Water’s Suppliers Awards.

Engineers created an overpump section that allowed them to refurbish the pipes in live sewage flow conditions during the four month scheme.

Protecting the infrastructure, plant, materials and sewages pipes was crucial and Red CCTV were tasked with creating a bespoke security solution for the project.

Innovative Solution

Red CCTV Managing Director, Rob Kennedy, said: “This was a hugely significant project and security was paramount given the nature of the work.

“Engineers created an innovative solution to work on the pipes under live conditions and so, naturally, protecting the system was key given the pipes were carrying live sewage.

“Our survey team created a bespoke solution which included three Halo Eco Smart CCTV Towers and a roaming response team to provide a complete security for this crucial site.

“The Halo Smart Eco CCTV Tower proves that is possible to provide environmentally friendly CCTV solutions, protecting our property, people and the planet.

“We are delighted to report the project passed successfully without incident and the engineering team were rightly recognised for their brilliant work.”


It is anticipated that the project, which began in July 2020, will prolong the life of the sewer for another 50-years at least.

The work was required after engineers found 435 metres of damaged pipe. They created an innovative solution which allowed the work to be conducted, without needing to dig up the road and replace the entire pipeline.

Abigail Stevens, Project Manager for the Eastern Region of Barhale, said; “As a team we are really proud of the work we have done here. There has been a real effort not only to deliver these crucial works but also to find ways to do so that bring down costs and minimised disruption.

“The successful completion of these works will strength the resilience of the sewer here at Potters Way and ensure that it is fit for purpose for many more years to come.”

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