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Red CCTV provide a huge range of security and will create a bespoke security package based on your needs and requirements.

Creating bespoke CCTV Security Systems Solutions

The Halo Shield monitoring system protects against Covid-19

Site and compound protection utilising range of CCTV options

Unique power options which reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprint

Systems capable of CCTV monitoring in remote locations

City Centre Solutions

Range of compact CCTV security solutions where space is restricted

Extensive range of plant CCTV options with live stream capability

Body Mounted

Range of body worn CCTV options including live stream and record

Rapid Response

Rapid response teams to deal with identified security breaches

Human Guarding

Traditional human and canine guarding available

Smart Analytics

Analytical software reduces false alarms by up to 95%

24/7 Monitoring

Our systems provide 24/7 protection with full management options


Innovative New Halo Tower Range

Red CCTV have developed the world's first fully modular CCTV Tower system capable of providing mobile CCTV surveillance anywhere


How Can Red CCTV Help You?

Red CCTV are committed to keeping you and your property safe. Talk to us to see how we can create a bespoke security solution to your problem or concerns.

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    How Can We Help?

    Talk to the Red CCTV team to learn more about how we can create a bespoke security solution for your project.