Digger Cam


Digger Cam

The DiggerCam Pro Line of Products is a cost-effective, scalable device designed for in-Plant video surveillance and remote monitoring and recording.

With its high-speed processor and embedded operating system, combined with the most advanced H.264 video compression / decompression technology, network technology and GPS positioning technology in the field.

The DCP series of products can provide up to 8 channels of full frame recording in optional CIF/HD1/D1/720P/1080P formats for local recording and wireless data uploading.

In conjunction with the platform software, the device can implement video alert functions such as Panic Video, Instant Impact Evidence, central monitoring, remote management and playback analysis, and is dedicated to extending our HALO Telematics product lines.


The DCPro series of products are simple and elegant, with super vibration resistance, flexible installation, powerful functions and high reliability keeping your site , plant or vehicles protected.

Digger Cam

In-Plant Video Surveillance


Mini Excavator

A HD dome camera fitted to mini-excavator inside the drivers window allows better field of vision for the working area.


Larger Excavator

Larger excavators require HD dome camera on the drivers side window behind the dash and manifold for better field of vision to the working area at the front.


Evidence Gathering

Our systems record evidence from multiple cameras including a 360 degree to provide real time evidence of the complete surroundings at the time of any incident.


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