Halo Pod Flow Shield Provides Retail Outlets With Three-In-One Front Line Covid Defence

Halo Pod Flow Shield Provides Retail Outlets With Three-In-One Front Line Covid Defence

The Halo Pod Flow provides retail outlets with a three-in-one front line defence system to stop the spread of Covid-19.
This technologically advanced system monitors the flow of people, their body temperature and even detects whether they are wearing a face mask.

It has been designed to help retail outlets defend against the threat of Covid-19 – without the huge expense of paying for additional security staff.

The three-in-one system, created by Manchester based Red CCTV, is fully automated and totally accurate and provides shops, leisure facilities, restaurants and public buildings with a total solution.

It works silently and unobtrusively, allowing retailers to control the flow of people into their premises, without having to monitor the door around the clock.

As well as physical numbers of people present, the Halo Pod Flow automatically measures their body temperature and detects whether a face mask is being worn.

It’s three-in-one defence system:

  • monitors the number of people going in or out
  • measures a persons body temperature
  • detects whether they are wearing a mask
It is estimated the Halo Pod Flow System could save retailers more than £1,000-a-week in staff costs by eliminating the need for someone to stand by the door – even during quiet periods.

Complete Solution

The System combines the very latest Artificial Intelligence with Analytical Software and Thermal Camera Technology to provide a complete solution for retailers.

It sits within its own casing and eliminates the need for tripods or unsightly leads which could become trip hazards.

The System consists of a sophisticated traffic light style entry gate which informs the customers whether they can, or can not come in.

It allows shops to properly manage the numbers of customers inside their premises at any one time and ensures they are wearing a face mask and do NOT have an elevated temperature.

Safest Bubble

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “It is the ultimate solution for retailers. It provides them with the safest bubble possible for their customers and saves them a huge amount in staff costs.

“We have all see retail outlets being forced to either, deploy an existing member of staff or hire new security personnel, to stand at the door and monitor the number of people coming in and out.

“They often use handheld, inaccurate temperature measuring devices which, not only put them at risk but obviously costs money.

“Why pay for someone to stand by the door at a time when it’s quiet? That is a waste of money.>

“The Halo Pod Flow works continually, silently, and efficiently. It doesn’t require a lunch break, a toilet break, and is totally unobtrusive. It’s a complete retail solution.”

This innovative system is being deployed at businesses across the UK keeping customers, staff, and suppliers safe.

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