Morgan Sindall Infrastructure Deploy Net Zero Halo Scout CCTV System

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure Deploy Net Zero Halo Scout CCTV System

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure has deployed the UK’s ‘greenest’ remote CCTV site surveillance system.

Red CCTV’s Halo Scout System is the UK’s first autonomous AI multi-camera CCTV System capable of live streaming in 4k from any location.

The System operates under its own power, running without charge for up to 12 months without producing ANY carbon emissions.

It is also equipped with an active deterrent strobe and two way audio facility to ward off the threat of crimninality.

The Net Zero Halo Scout System has been deployed by Morgan Sindall Infrastructure on the A45 section of the £87.8 million Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) Sprint corridor project in Birmingham.

In its first eight weeks on site, the system has prevented more than 14,500 kg of carbon from being released into the atmosphere – the equivalent of planting 690 trees.

“We are committed to being a responsible business and reducing our carbon emissions by 2030,” explained Claire Walsh, senior procurement manager within Morgan Sindall’s Infrastructure highways team.

Green Credentials

“We approached Red CCTV for a diesel-free solution to our on site security needs on our A45 Sprint Corridor project because of their proven record of developing CCTV units with outstanding green credentials.” 

Eddie Anderton, Morgan Sindall Infrastructure’s senior works manager, on the A45 section of the Sprint Corridor project, added: “Rob and his team are very enthusiastic and were helpful, bending over backwards to make adaptations and give us exactly what we needed for the project.”

It is an impressive start and we are delighted with the performance of the Halo Scout System. It also further supports Morgan Sindall Infrastructure’s commitment to the environment.”

The Halo Scout CCTV System was created by Red CCTV and sets a new standard for remote site security systems.

Launched earlier this year, the Scout is capable of running in the field autonomously for months – without leaving any carbon footprint.

It operates silently under its own battery powered system, for up to 12 months, eliminating the need for traditional diesel generators and, when fitted with a solar panel option, will run indefinitely.

Live Streaming

The Halo Scout is equipped with multiple 4K CCTV cameras, all equipped with the ability to live stream and provide protection through 360 degrees and up to 140m.

It can be used in isolation or as part of a larger system with multiple cameras.

The System is equipped with highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence software, capable of correctly identifying objects to reduce false alarms by up to 95%.

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure was the first client to deploy the Halo Scout after being appointed as the lead contractor on the A45 section of the £87.8m TfWM Sprint Corridor project which links Walsall, Birmingham and Solihull in the West Midlands.

“The Halo Scout is a game changer for the industry, it proves that Net Zero is not just a buzz word but is a very achievable goal with hard work and clever thinking,” explained Red CCTV Managing Director, Rob Kennedy.

“We have been working towards a Net Zero goal for many years, getting closer and closer and pushing the boundaries further and further.

“The Halo Scout is the cleanest, most effective site CCTV System and shows that it is possible to provide high quality products without compromising on performance.

“CCTV Security is critical for sites and compounds in keeping staff, suppliers, members of the public safe, as well protecting plant and equipment and are traditionally powered by diesel generators pumping out harmful CO2 emissions.

“It is estimated that a single tree, when fully matured, can absorb 21kg of carbon dioxide and in the first eight weeks on site in Birmingham, the Halo Scout has stopped 14,500kg of carbon from being released into the atmosphere. That makes me feel incredibly proud.”

Offset Carbon

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure is committed to being a responsible business and creating a lasting legacy by implementing innovative methods to reduce emissions and offset carbon.

As part of Morgan Sindall Group, their efforts have already been acknowledged by the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), as they were awarded a Grade A for their actions tackling climate change, the only major UK contractor out of 5,800 companies to make the final 270 A-List.

In addition, the Group is planting more than a quarter of a million trees in an exciting partnership with the Blenheim Estate and Grown In Britain.

The project will create nine new woodlands at the Oxfordshire estate incorporating 28 carefully selected varieties of trees, which when fully grown, will have the capacity to absorb around 5.25million kg of carbon every year.

Rob Kennedy, added: “Morgan Sindall Infrastructure is a shining example that others should and can follow when it comes to climate change.

“They have proved they don’t just talk a good game, they have committed huge amounts of capital to actually make a difference.

“The creation of the new woodlands across the Blenheim estate is a fantastic commitment and should be applauded.

“We are delighted with the early results on the Sprint Corridor project for Morgan Sindall Infrastructure and we look forward to an exciting, environmentally friendly future partnership.”

The Sprint Corridor project will create a bus priority corridor which links Walsall, Birmingham and Solihull designed to reduce journey times, cut congestion and reduce harmful emissions.

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