Pipeline Industries Guild Welcomes Red CCTV

Pipeline Industries Guild welcome Red CCTV to the Guild

Pipeline Industries Guild Welcomes Red CCTV

Red CCTV has been welcomed to The Pipeline Industries Guild.

The Guild is the only association in the world which specifically caters for the needs of the pipeline industry.

They have represented all aspects of the industry, for the past 63-years, providing it with a platform to discuss and promote the sector.

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “We are delighted to join the Guild. They are a very proud organisation and they achieved much for the industry.

“The Guild provides a platform that brings the entire industry together to discuss challenges, tackles issues, lobby for change.

“It recognises the entire industry, suppliers, manufacturers, the entire supply chain and that means they provide a rounded, thought through viewpoint.


“Red CCTV has provided security solutions to many individual members of the Guild but, by becoming a member, we have a voice within the industry itself.

“We have worked tirelessly to create technologically advanced solutions to a variety of problems faced by the industry and we look forward to sharing our work and knowledge with the Guild.”

The Pipeline Industries Guild was formed in 1957 and its membership incorporated those with interests in pipelines across the world, transporting hydrocarbon products, chemicals, water, and other substances on and offshore.

Their tireless work has improved health and safety for members and proved to be crucial when lobbying Governments around the world.


The Guild has more than 170 corporate members and 120 individual members and is the respected authority within all branches of the pipeline industry.

They would normally host regular conferences to discuss individual issues of concern to the sector but, the outbreak of Covid-19, forced them to compromise this past year.

Norman Howell, Guild CEO, “It has been an unprecedented time for us all. The Covid 19 pandemic has certainly had a. major impact on the way we work and created some very difficult trading conditions.

It is to the great credit to many of our members that you continue to provide, operate, and maintain essential services such as power and water in this difficult environment.

“Despite these challenges the Guild has continued to thrive and has taken activity role in promoting pipelines and related industries.

“Our membership does remain resilient and we have welcome 31 new corporate members this year and a total of 61 in the last three years.”

Pipeline Industries Guild

A spokesperson for the Guild, said: “We would like you to join us in welcoming Red CCTV as members of The Pipeline Industries Guild.

“Rob Kennedy and all of the team we very much look forward to working with you in the very near future.”

Red CCTV provides site security solutions to many clients in the utilities sector and has vast experience providing security services to the pipeline industry including remote CCTV monitoring and manned patrols.

The creation of the Halo Eco Smart CCTV Tower is a breakthrough moment for the industry. The modular towers, equipped with Home Office Approved software analytics, reduce false alarms by 95%.

Their unique power supply reduces CO2 emissions, and clients’ carbon footprint whilst the solar / wind turbine powered option eradicates emissions completely.

* Members of the Pipeline Industries Guild are invited to contact Red CCTV to discuss security concerns by clicking this link.

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