Red CCTV Celebrate Earth Day with Huge Carbon Savings Celebration

Red CCTV Celebrate Earth Day with Huge Carbon Savings Celebration

Red CCTV are celebrating Earth Day 2021 by proudly revealing huge Q1 carbon savings for clients.

Our eco-friendly CCTV Systems saved a staggering 303,125kg of CO2 emissions in the first quarter of 2021.

That would have required a forest of 371 acres to absorb the carbon had it been released into the atmosphere.

That’s a forest the size of Hyde Park (350 acres) plus Old Trafford (20 acres) combined or the greenhouse equivalent of:

  • 65.9 cars annual carbon emissions
  • 761,831 miles driven by an average car

The same CO2 emissions as:

  • 12,392 propane cylinders for home barbecues
  • 55 homes electricity for a single year
  • 36.8 million smartphones charged

Net Zero

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy said: “I’m really proud of our performance and the fact that we are leading the drive to achieve Net Zero.

“Net Zero isn’t just hype or PR talk, this is a genuine objective that we should all be driving towards, and a target we have been aiming to hit for many years.

“We have led the way, we introduce the industry’s first solar powered CCTV trailed some years ago and then, with funding from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, created the Halo Eco Smart CCTV range to reduce, and in some cases, completely eliminated CO2 emissions.

“Our unique hybrid powering options and now, a new line of self-powered CCTV Systems enable clients to make huge carbon emission savings, as well as saving on costly diesel.

“We have ambition plans to eliminate emissions completely and will continue developing new products to achieve this goal, and reach the target of Net Zero.”

Earth Day

The carbon savings report was released to reinforce the impact for Earth Day, an annual even designed to demonstrate support for environmental protection involving more than 1 billion people 193 countries.

Three days of climate change action will follow with debates and online seminars discussing the theme ‘Restore Earth’ supported by three pillars, ‘restoration, mitigation and adaptation, according to the Earth Day President Kathleen Rogers.

Red’s fleet of CCTV’s eco smart systems are created to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, harmful CO2 emissions. The range includes onboard telematics, which provide clients with live, real-time reports on CO2 and fuel savings.

Since the start of the year Red CCTV have been securing sites and compounds around the UK working across the rail, utilities and construction sectors.

Red CCTV deployed fixed and remote CCTV monitoring systems at 14 sites during the first quarter of 2021.

Aside from the actual power supply for the system, Red CCTV make further carbon savings by reducing visits to site.

Their range of CCTV Systems are maintained remotely meaning few site visits, as maintenance can be conducted remotely.

And even if the initial set up reduces CO2 emissions, with the innovative Halo Range created as a modular system, meaning multiple cameras can be erected by a single operative in a single visit.

Carbon Footprint

“We are constantly seeking to innovate, to create new solutions, to find a better way of providing the ultimately security system for our clients whilst saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint,” Rob added.

“We have lots of new innovative ideas on the way and continually reviewing our methods and looking for a better, more efficient, more environmentally friendly way of working and won’t stop until we achieve that Net Zero target.”

Aside from the environmental benefits, Red CCTVs innovative range of CCTV solution contain the very latest, cutting edge technology.

The Systems are equipped with innovative software analytics created to reduce false alarms by up to 95%, and cameras capable of live streaming in 4K.

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