Red CCTV Analytics Foil Attempted Daylight Site Robbery

Red CCTV Analytics Foil Attempted Daylight Site Robbery

RED CCTV Smart Analytical CCTV Site security system has thwarted an attempted day light robbery.

Our systems immediately recognised individuals attempting a dare raid on a construction site compound in the middle of the day.

Remote CCTV cameras detected human activity and immediately alerted Red CCTV operatives in our control centre.

The cameras, filming in High Definition, were able to track movement of three individuals intent on criminal activity.

Our guards, alerted by the remote CCTV System, were able to audio challenge the burglars within seconds.

Empty Handed

And the tricky trio, aware they had been busted, immediately fled the scene empty handed.

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “This is a terrific example of our how our systems work.

“The sophisticated software is able to determine the difference between humans intent on criminal activity and stray objects or wildlife.

“The System immediately alerts of guarding team, who monitor the cameras 24/7, to provide an immediate response.

“Our guards are able to issue audio challenge to potential offenders, informing them the police have been alerted and are on the way.


“This is the perfect example of how and why that system works, as the vast majority of criminals leave the scene immediately rather than take the risk.

“Often offenders are chancers or maybe even just individuals who being overly nosey but, some times, as this video shows they have absolute intent to steal.

“The van used in this example had its plates removed, or masked, the perpetrators were wearing masks or face coverings and they were armed with cutting equipment.

“They perhaps did not reckon on our swift intervention and the moment they knew they had been spotted they fled the scene.”

The incident took place in broad daylight at a site protected by Red CCTV Site Security System.

Responders were on the site within minutes and able to secure the scene to prevent further attempts.

Red CCTV utilise a number of remote CCTV camera solutions to protect sites and compounds.

Our range of cameras include thermal imagery technology, with a camera range of up to 1km and are just as effective in night or day,

Sophisticated software analytics are able to determined human activity and track movement, providing live feeds for the authorities and crucial evidence gathering.

Crucially, our Halo Smart Eco CCTV Towers are powered by a unique power supply which reduces CO2 emissions and clients carbon footprint.

Do you recognise the individuals involved? Can you help the authorities?

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