Taziker Toast Red CCTV Network Rail Carbon Saving Security

Taziker Toast Red CCTV Network Rail Carbon Saving Security

Taziker saved the carbon equivalent of 1,100 trees on a Network Rail project thanks to Red CCTV.

They deployed Red CCTV’s innovate Halo Eco Smart CCTV Tower for crucial works on the Purfleet Chalk Cutting.

The Halo Eco Smart CCTV Tower saved more than 177,145kg of CO2 – that’s the equivalent of planting 1,100 trees.

Taziker turned to the site security specialists Red CCTV after a guard was assaulted near to the site of the Purfleet project.

They were carrying out essential works for Network Rail on the London to Grays (Tilbury Loop) rail line to stabilise a chalk cutting and protect the tracks.

Red CCTV immediately deployed guards to secure the area and the innovative Halo Eco Smart CCTV Tower which provided ongoing protection for the site, it’s workers and plant.

Carbon Footprint

Phil Jones, Project Director at Taziker Industrial, said: “We are driven as a business to try and reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible and the CO2 savings from the Halo Eco Smart Tower are significant.

“We rely on remote CCTV monitoring on sites to act as both a visual deterrent but also for evidence gathering in the event of an incident.

“The Halo Tower makes it very clear to anyone thinking of entering into criminal activity that their actions will be caught on camera and that is often enough to make them think twice.

“If they proceed with their intent to commit any sort of criminality the Halo CCTV Towers immediately alert the authorities and, of course capture evidence which can be used to prosecute offenders.

“The Halo CCTV Tower provides us with the ability to do both without having to rely on gas guzzling diesel generators and so, reduce our carbon footprint.”

The Halo Eco Smart CCTV modular tower has a number of power supply options including a hybrid fuel cell, wind turbine and solar options – reducing and even eliminating the need for a diesel generator.

CO2 Emissions

Aside from the CO2 emissions saving, the Halo Tower saved Taziker 68,132.7 litres of diesel – around £41,560 worth of fuel – compared to traditional generator powered CCTV towers.

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy, added: “It’s a tremendous example as to why the Halo Eco Smart CCTV modular tower represents the future for the rail industry.

“The towers are easily transportable due to their modular nature, they can be used anywhere given the unique power supply and they protect the environment.

“The Towers have onboard telematics which provide clients with a live and continuous fuel saving report making it easy to track and report their CO2 savings.”

Mr Jones, added: “Taziker’s initial remit was to install a passive rock netting and erosion protection system.

“Once the vegetation had been cleared from the slope it exposed around 600t of fly-tipped debris, which was removed from the cutting. A historic landslip at the crest was also exposed.

“The repair significantly increased our scope of works and required access into the back gardens of 7No properties neighbouring the railway (which the Halo tower guarded). We repaired the damage, then installed a new boundary fence to prevent further fly-tipping.

Halo CCTV Tower

“Because of the location of the cutting we required two compounds and unfortunately, very early on in the project, a member of our security brief was racially assaulted by a member of the public and a perimeter fence was compromised.

“We reached out to Red CCTV for a potential solution and they were able to respond immediately by deploying two Halo CCTV Tower and physical guards to secure both sites and no further problems were reported.

One of the triggers for the scheme was Network Rail’s maintenance teams had reported fly-tipped debris repeatedly falling onto the track.

“Once the vegetation and fly-tipped debris was removed, we set about creating a netting system to stabilise and strengthen the slopes.”

“We had to work with railway neighbours as the work required us to enter back gardens to remediate the slope”

“It is hugely reassuring to know that our site is safe, our equipment protected, and all the time we are protecting the environment.”

Fly-tipping on the embankment has created a problem of pollution and potential for items to fall onto the railway, as well as being an eyesore. These items have been removed and disposed of correctly by the team.

Engineers also took the opportunity to thank frontline NHS workers with a banner which was displayed during the works.

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