Balfour Beatty Deploy Halo Shield In Covid Defence

Balfour Beatty Deploy Halo Shield In Covid Defence

Balfour Beatty are using the Halo Shield as part of their Covid defence strategy.

The international infrastructure group have installed the Halo Shield Pod One at their global headquarters in London.

Pod Lites have been installed at other locations across the country as part of Balfour Beatty’s determination to create safer working spaces for staff, visitors and suppliers.

The Halo Shield System from Red CCTV, is an innovative thermal body temperature monitoring system, capable of scanning up to 30-people-per second.

It can also be used to detect whether face masks are being worn and be used as a flow control system, to monitor physical numbers of personnel present at any one time.

The Halo Shield System works silently from distance, is totally unobtrusive and produces immediate results, even if the subject is wearing a face covering or motorcycle helmet.

It will alert staff to anyone entering the building with an elevated temperature – a key symptom of Covid, so that appropriate action can be taken.

Staff Safety

Red CCTV Managing Director, Rob Kennedy, said: “It is an honour to install our Halo Shield System at Balfour’s HQ in London and help to create safer working spaces.

“These are very difficult times but, we have to learn to live with the virus and think generally about how we live and work.

“We are sensing a sea change in the way we all go about our daily life, and now, with the vaccine, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“But does appear as though Covid is going to remain with us for some time, and so we believe temperature testing will become th new norm for many businesses.

“The Halo Pod System allows businesses to carry on but control their workspace and create safer working environments.”


Red CCTV created the Halo Shield range of products after a request from a client at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They wanted a system that would allow them to provide protection for staff, suppliers and visitors, by identifying those who may have symptoms of the virus, so they could be isolated.

The Halo Shield System utilises highly sophisticated and advanced CCTV solutions, combined with analytical software.

It removes the need for a member of staff to manually record body temperatures of visitors with a handheld device or a tripod mounted system.

Balfour Beatty employs more than 26,000 around the world, with offices in the UK, US, and Hong Kong.

They have created iconic buildings around the globe during their 110-year history, including the London Olympics Aquatic Centre, Hong Kong’s first Zero Carbon building, the National Museum of the Marine Corps in the US, and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

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