Halo Shield

The Halo Shield is a body temperature measuring system designed specifically to combat the threat of Covid-19.

It is a non-evasive system capable of scanning up to 30-people-per-second - and works even if they are wearing face masks or face coverings.

The Halo Shield uses advanced thermal technology and artificial intelligent to provide accurate and instant body temperature readings.

It identifies anyone with an elevated body temperature of 37.8 degrees - a key symptom of Covid-19 - allowing for precautionary measures to taken to keep staff, visitors and suppliers safe from potential harm.

Since it's launch in June 2020 the Halo Shield has been installed at multiple business across a number of sections and is currently being trialled within the NHS.

The Halo Shield has been installed in the reception areas of key clients headquarters


Halo Pod Pro

The Halo Pod Pro has two screens, one which displays the real time temperature of people passing whilst the second screen, can be used to display key messaging, video footage or presentations.


Halo Pod

The Halo Pod is a stand alone temperature monitoring system with a single screen which displays real time temperatures of people passing and recent visitors.


Halo Pod Lite

The Halo Pod Lite is a space saving body temperature system which is perfect for corridors or smaller entrances. It can also be used as part of an entry system or barrier control.


Defending Against Covid-19
From The Front Line


Front Line Protection

The Halo Shield is a stand alone monitoring system. There are no external wires or trip hazards. Simply place the Halo Shield inside the entrance to a building or access point.


Unobtrusive Scan

Employees and visitors pause on the floor marker - placed 3 meters away from the Halo Shield - as they enter and simply glance at the camera.


Instant Result

Temperatures are displayed immediately and those with elevated temperatures are identified to allow for distancing measures to be enforced.


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Halo Shield

Protecting Businesses from the front lines

"This is a very important investment; Halo has already paid dividends in detecting potential COVID-19 cases"

Chief Executive

Dan Holland

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