Barhale Net Nine Tonne Carbon Saving On £2million Yorkshire Water Sewer Divert

Barhale net nine tonne carbon saving on Yorkshire Water sewer divert with Red CCTV Net Zero site security system

Barhale Net Nine Tonne Carbon Saving On £2million Yorkshire Water Sewer Divert

Yorkshire Water and Barhale celebrated a nine tonne carbon saving thanks to Red CCTV on the £2 million Glassworks sewer diversion.

Lead contractors Barhale deployed Red CCTV’s innovate Halo Scout System at the site, and prevented more than nine tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

That’s the amount of carbon which would have been released into the atmosphere using traditional diesel powered CCTV System.

And it would have required almost 450 fully mature trees to absorb that amount of carbon.

Red CCTV’s innovate Halo Scout CCTV System is capable of running in the field for months under its own charge, whilst simultaneously live streaming from 4K footage.

Net Zero

The state-of-the-art camera systems are equipped with powerful analytic software capable of detecting and recognising individuals, vehicles, animals and stray objects, to assess potential threats and reduce false alarms.

“It’s another fantastic example of our eco-friendly Net Zero CCTV System being used to great success out in the field,” explained Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy.

“This project was hugely important and, given the location of the site, security was key and we were delighted to be able to provide Barhale with, what we believe, is now the leading system on the market.

“The Halo Scout is able to protect the site and reduce false alarms by analysing potential threats and live stream footage in 4k from multiple cameras.

“It works silently, under it’s own power without emitting any harmful CO2 emissions, helping clients and their customers to reduce their own carbon footprint.”

Barhale were tasked with diverting a Yorkshire Water sewer as part of Barnsley Council’s £200 million Glass Works Regeneration project.

The award winning scheme would house 25 new shops, a 13-screen Cineworld and Super Bowl UK, seven restaurants, cafes, a public square and 500 plus space car park.

Sewer Network

Joe Fisher, project manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “This is a significant project for Barnsley and we’re pleased to be playing our part by relocating the sewer network in the area.

“We are collaborating with Barhale to bring together the expertise of both companies to overcome the challenges the site poses.

“As with any of our projects, we look to reduce our reliance on energy intensive process and the opportunity to reduce our reliance on energy intensive process and the opportunity to reduce carbon consumption can only be a positive.”

Barhale project manager, Nick Smith, said: “This is a busy, town centre location so site security is very important.

“Using the Net Zero system we were more than able to meet our operational needs and to fulfil our longstanding commitment to minimising our carbon footprint.”

The Halo Scout was on site for 21 days, saving more than 3,628 litres of fuel and 9,434.29kg of carbon emissions.

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