Halo Shield Deployed By Cadent In Covid Defence Response

Halo Shield Deployed By Cadent In Covid Defence Response

Thousands of Cadent staff are being protected by the Halo Shield in the battle against Covid 19.

Hundreds of employees are screened daily by the utility giant using the innovative Halo Shield body temperature measuring system.

Cadent believe the Halo Shield System is critical to their defence against the spread of Covid and crucial for keeping staff, suppliers and members of the public safe.

Peter Close, Cadent Director of Safety and Network Strategy, said: “We have installed the Halo Shield Systems at offices, depots and training centres across our networks.

“They’ve provided us with an efficient way of dealing with the challenge of Coronavirus while continuing essential work which cannot be done from home.

“The machines have become a regular part of our daily working lives and they’ve proved to be a great asset, though we do look forward to the day when we don’t need them anymore!”


Cadent are the UK’s largest supplier of gas and their work is crucial in ensuring British homes and businesses stay connected to the mains gas network.

Their work brings gas to 11 million homes and businesses throughout the North West, West Midlands, East of England and North London.

Cadent have so far deployed Halo Pod and Halo Pod Lite Systems at Cadent sites across the UK to protect employees, visitors and suppliers.

The Halo System is quick and easy for staff to navigate through, barely needing to pause before entering buildings protected by the System.

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “We are delighted to be working with Cadent, their work is critical for the UK infrastructure.

“They started trials with our Halo Shield product in August and then began the roll-out across the country in September and October and will continue.

Elevated Temperature

“The Halo Pod Lites are perfect for Cadent. They take up hardly any space and provide their workforce with immediate feedback. If anyone has an elevated temperature, they can be identified, and isolated to keep everyone inside safe.

“Cadent take the health and safety of their workforce extremely seriously. We are delighted to be able to work with them, and to contribute towards the battle to halt the spread of Covid.”

The Halo Shield range of products was created by Red CCTV after an existing client asked for help to defend their workforce from the threat of Covid-19.

Red CCTV has been working with CCTV cameras equipped with CPNI Home Office Approved Software Analytics equipped with thermal technology for many years. They combined that experience and expertise to create the Halo Shield.

It uses thermal technology and Artificial Intelligent to measure a person’s body temperature – even if they are wearing a mask or face covering.

Tests result are available immediately, meaning Cadent’s key workers can continue their vital work keeping millions of British homeowners supplied with gas.

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