Flannery Plant Hire Deploy Halo Shield In Covid Defence

Flannery Plant Hire Deploy Halo Shield In Covid Defence

Flannery Plant Hire has deployed Halo Shield Systems as part of their Covid-19 defence strategy.

The UK leading plant hire provider has installed Halo Shield Pro Pros and Pod Pro Lites at their locations across the country including their head office at Wembley Stadium.

Flannery Plant Hire has depots in Newport, Birmingham, Manchester, Northumberland, Aberdeen and Dublin, operating a fleet of more than 3,5000 units across the UK.

They have deployed the Halo Shield, an innovative body temperature measuring system, at key entrance points, to scan individuals as they enter.

Health officials say elevated body temperatures are a symptom of Covid-19 and so, the Halo Shield, is able to identify anyone who might be a risk.


Flannery Plant Hire Strategic Manager Chris Matthew, said: “The Halo Shield is a crucial part of our Covid-19 defence strategy.

“We have been taking the impact of the virus extremely seriously and have been exploring measures that will keep our staff, visitors and customers safe.

“We have enforced very strict rules within Flannery offices which included closed desks, alternative seating arrangements, segregated bathroom facilities, and one-way walkways.

“We have reduced numbers of people in offices at any one time and created internal ‘bubbles’ to keep departments separate.

“The Halo Shield System provides that additional layer of security as it acts as the first line of defence, by identifying anyone who potentially poses a risk as they enter the building.”

Covid-19 Strategy

The Halo Shield body temperature measuring system was created by Red CCTV in response to a specific request from a client wanting to develop a Covid-19 defence strategy.

Red CCTV created a self-contained unit combining the best of artificial intelligence with thermal camera technology to create the Halo Shield System.

The cameras run silently and provide an immediate – and highly accurate – body temperature measurement of anyone passing.

“It’s a very sophisticated system, very sleek and tidy and professional unlike some thermal cameras which require trailing wires and tripods,” Chris added.

“We were able to brand the Halo Shield Pods with company branding and they fit in perfectly, providing a very visual but ultimately accurate testing system.

“We have to face that it looks as though Covid-19 is with us for the foreseeable future and so, the Halo Shield, helps us to adjust to the new normal.”

Halo Shield Range

There are three body temperature monitoring products in the Halo Shield range: the Pod Pro (which includes a second screen for clients to display videos or key messaging), the Pod (single screen), and the Pod Lite (smaller version with a single screen where space is at a premium)

Other Halo products in a flow control system for retail clients, a track and trace system, and face mask monitoring solution as we look to develop further ways to help clients defeat the threat of Covid-19.

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy said: “Flannery’s take health and safety extremely seriously and the Halo Shield sits perfectly with their Covid-19 defence strategy.

“We have installed Halo Sheild products at their head office in Wembley, in Birmingham and Manchester.

“We are working extremely hard to develop additional products, all designed to keep people safe and help British businesses get back to work.”

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