Halo Shield Animation Demonstrates Body Temperature Scanning System

Halo Shield Animation Demonstrates Body Temperature Scanning System

The Halo Shield has been bought to life with a stunning animated video

This 50-second animation showcases perfectly the brilliance of the Halo Shield body temperature monitoring system.

The Halo Shield combines the very latest thermal camera technology and artificial intelligence to accurate monitor body temperatures.

This innovative system is being deployed at business across the UK as they return to work after lock-down.

Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “We love this this, the animation is simple but demonstrates the beauty of the Halo Shield.

“Hand-held body temperature guns require a member of staff to manually check individuals, potentially placing them at risk, and is a costly exercise.

“There is no variation in technique, or need for cameras mounted on tripods which, can become trip hazards.


“The Halo Shield is a simple, but highly technologically advanced system, that sits silently monitoring everyone who enters.

“A non-intrusive, consistently reliable and accurate body temperature system that is leading the fight to keep businesses operating safely.

“We believe the best body temperature monitoring system on the market.”

Unlike other systems, the Halo Shield is a compact, self-housed unit, with no external trip wires or tripods.

The Halo is available in three versions and can be branded in accordance with client wishes.

The Halo Shield Pod Pro has a second screen which can be used to showcase company messaging or videos.

Elevated Temperature

The Halo Shield is usually located next to the main entrance or perhaps outside of a restricted area  to ensure only individuals with a ‘safe’ temperature are allowed to enter.

Elevated temperatures, are according to health experts, a key symptom of Covid-19.

The Halo Shield is not a Covid-19 detector, but it does identify individuals who may be a risk because their body temperature is higher than normal.

This innovative solution is proving to be a key component in helping businesses keep employees, visitors and clients safe.

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