Red CCTV TRIPLE Halo Shield Range Production

Red CCTV TRIPLE Halo Shield Range Production

RED CCTV has TRIPLED production of the innovative Halo Shield range of products to combat the latest Covid lockdown measures.

They have ramped up protection to meet a surge in demand following the Prime Minister’s decision to lockdown England from tomorrow.

The Manchester-based business celebrated record monthly returns in August and September following the launch of the Halo range of products – and they predict continual growth as the pandemic continues to cause chaos around the world.

The automated Halo Shield range of products including the Halo Pod, the Pod Lite, Pod Flow, and S Pod, were all created specifically to help businesses defend against Covid-19.


Red CCTV Managing Director, Rob Kennedy, said: “The response has been phenomenal and we have had to work extremely hard to keep up with demand.

“Fortunately, we have a tremendously talented team who have all pulled together to ensure we have stayed on track and now, we are investing heavily and increasing production to ensure we stay ahead of demand and have plenty of stock ready to be deployed.

“The Halo Shield is becoming a key component in the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19 and is enabling businesses to create safe bubbles to protect staff and key workers.

“And, we truly believe there has been a sea change now generally in the way employers will need to protect their employees moving beyond Covid and into the future.

“The Halo Shield is becoming a key component in the fight to stop the spread of Covid-19 and is enabling businesses to create safe bubbles to protect staff and key workers” – Rob Kennedy, MD, Red CCTV

“Body temperature measuring systems detect elevated temperatures and that means, they can be used to stop all manner of viral infections from being spread around the workforce.

“For now, this is about identifying anyone who may be unwittingly carrying the Covid virus, and preventing them from entering a ‘safe’ workspace.”

Thermal Technology

Red CCTV has been a leading independent provider of security solutions for many years, working with highly advanced CCTV and surveillance equipment including thermal imagery technology.

They were asked by an existing customer, at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, if they could help screen members of staff for signs of the virus and, as a result, set about creating the Halo Shield.

“We put our heads together and very quickly created an innovative solution utilising existing technology but for a different purpose,” Rob explained.

“We thought about what we were trying to do and then considered what else could be added and the Halo Shield was born.

“There are thermal imaging body temperature testing devices out on the market but they involve tripods, they require trailing leads which can become trip hazards and temperature guns, which place a member of staff in harm’s way as someone needs to use the temperature gun to take the reading.

“The Halo Shield is automated, and so reduces touchpoints within a workplace, as it doesn’t require anyone to sign in with a pen or paper or physically hold a thermometer or temperature gun.

‘We wanted something that autonomous, unobtrusive, and highly accurate, and the Halo Shield range is that, and much, much more.”

Temperature Measuring

The Halo Shield Pod, the Pod Pro, and Pod Lite are body temperature measuring systems capable of measuring up to 30 people per second.

They are highly accurate, results are instantaneous, and they are housed in their own self-contained unit with no need for additional wires or human intervention.

Each Halo is delivered complete with clients’ own branding and screens and space to display in-house video messaging or health and safety instructions, making this a bespoke, tailored solution.

“The Halo Shield is a crucial part of our Covid-19 defence strategy” – Chris Mathew, Strategy Manager, Flannery Plant Hire

The Halo Pod Flow provides a critical retailing solution to the Covid crisis. It measures body temperatures but has added functionality, monitoring, and controlling the number of people entering and leaving a building – whilst also detecting whether face masks are being worn.

This removes the costly requirement of placing a member of staff on the door, saving money but crucially removing them from harm’s way.

Clients including the Morson Group, Network Plus, Cadent, Civica, Balfour Beatty, Transpennine Route Upgrade West, Flannery Plant Hire and many more have all deployed Halo products to protect staff.

Flannery Plant Hire Strategy Manager Chris Matthew, said: “The Halo Shield is a crucial part of our Covid-19 defence strategy.

“The Halo Shield System provides that additional layer of security as it acts as the first line of defence, by identifying anyone who potentially poses a risk as they enter the building.”

Network Plus Joint Chief Executive Dan Holland, said: “This is part of a significant package of proactive steps and innovations we are introducing to the workplace to protect our employees, members of the public and site visitors.

“This is a very important investment, Halo has already paid dividends in detecting potential Covid-19 cases.”

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