Morson Group Extend Halo Shield Protection

Morson Group Extend Halo Shield Protection

Hundreds more Morson Group employees are being protected by the Halo Shield.

The global leading recruitment and design consultants have deployed additional Halo Shield units to four UK sites.

Four Halo Pod Lites and a Halo Pod Pro, have been installed as part of Morson’s Covid-19 contingency response, as they work to protect employees, visitors and suppliers.

Ged Mason OBE, Morson Group CEO, said: “The Morson Group has always placed it’s people first, and, their health and well-being is a top priority for us.

People First

“We are living in uncertain times and we take the threat of Covid-19 extremely seriously, establishing a Covid-19 compliance team to tackle the issue of keeping everyone safe.

“The emergence of the Halo Shield provided a perfect solution for us and the team at Red CCTV installed and commissioned the equipment across our UK operations.

“The Halo Shield is non-intrusive and highly accurate, a very smart solution for helping businesses get back to work.

“It also looks right. We are a modern, forward thinking business, and some of the body temperature screening systems require tripods wires or handheld monitors and they look clumsy.

“The Halo Shield however, is a well thought through, solidly built modern solution that seamlessly reflects our brand whilst silently doing its job and keeping us safe.”

“The Halo Shield is a well thought through, solidly built modern solution that sits there silently doing its job and keeping us safe.”

The Morson Group employ more than 1,600 people and operate from more than 50 locations across the globe with more than 14,000 contractors working on site at any one time.

They now have a Halo Pod Pro and Lite at their Salford-based head office, a Pod Lite in Irlam, Pod Lite in Southwark and in Canning.

The Pod Lite is perfect for when space is tight, or when access to a particular area is required to be restricted.

The Morson Group clients include BAE Systems, Costain, Network Rail and Transport For London and many, many more.

Red CCTV Managing Director, Rob Kennedy, said: “The Morson Group lead the way, they genuinely care about their staff and it’s been a pleasure to work with them.

“The Halo Shield range provides a long term solution to what looks likely, to be the new norm.

“We are all becoming more vigilant and the Halo isn’t just about Covid-19, it is about health in general and will help to prevent the spread of the flu and other viruses.”

The Halo Shield is part of the Morson Group Covid-19 defence package. They have a dedicated website – the ‘Morson Covid-10 Support Hub‘ – to offer support and guidance.

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