Red CCTV Back To Business Halo Bundle

Halo Bundle from Red CCTV helping British businesses back to work

Red CCTV Back To Business Halo Bundle

Red CCTV have launched a ‘back-to-business Halo bundle’ to protect people, plant and property.

The Halo bundle has been created specifically to help businesses get back to work following the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Manchester-based security specialists have tried to help ease the financial burdens faced by clients following the Covid-19 pandemic.

This heavily discounted package combines two of Red CCTV’s leading products to create the ultimate ‘site safety package’ Halo bundle.

Site Safety

The bundle includes a Halo Shield Pod Lite, to protect employees, visitors, suppliers and customers from the threat of Coronavirus with the industry leading Halo Eco Smart CCTV Tower.

Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “We know times are tough but we have to get back to work and we have to try and adjust to the new normal.

“Whilst all businesses should care for their staff and want to protect them, no-one every imagined that we would face an invisible threat such as Covid-19.

“That has placed some businesses in a difficult position, as they are being forced to spend monies, that were not budgeted for, protecting against something we can’t see.

“And, of course, with some staff still furloughed or unable to come to work, it means there are less people around and that creates a security risk.

“We can help with both issues and so, we have tried, to create a cost effective solution for clients old and new.”

Halo Shield

The Halo Shield Pod Lite is an innovative body temperature monitoring system, created to provide protection for businesses from the threat of Coronavirus.

Health experts claims elevated body temperatures are a key symptom of Covid-19.

The Halo Shield monitors every passing individual and alarms if they have a higher than normal body temperature.

This unobtrusive scanning is instant and discreet – and allows individual clients to enact their our Covid-19 contingency plan.

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