Video Demonstrates How Halo Sheild Protects Morson Group

Video Demonstrates How Halo Sheild Protects Morson Group

This is how the Halo Shield protect against the threat of Covid-19.

Silently monitoring individuals as they enter for possible symptoms of the virus.

This video, filmed at the Morson Group Head Offices demonstrates how they have deployed the Halo Shield system to their own front line.

The Halo Shield Pod Pro is positioned at the main entrance at Adamson House in Manchester.

Individuals simply walk past the innovative thermal camera system and the system automatically, and immediately, measures their body temperature.

Scanning Zone

As the video demonstrates, those individuals barely need to pause, as they enter and pass through the scanning zone.

The Halo Shield System rapidly, and unobtrusively, scans each individual and provides an accurate measurement of each persons body temperature.

Providing body temperatures of individuals fall within the permitted ‘safe’ range, they are allowed to enter the building.

Anyone with an elevated temperature will trigger an alarm, and allow for each business to enact their own Covid-19 protocol procedure.

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “The system is highly technologically advanced, and yet its real beauty is the simplicity for clients.


“Once installed, the Halo Shield range of products work silently and unobtrusively around the clock to keep staff, visitors and clients safe.

“The Pod Pro, as seen in this video, is branded for the client and contains a second screen, which can be used to display key messaging, client videos or anything they want to display.

“In the case of Morson, the Halo Shield Pro Pro relays important messages to anyone entering the building.

“They have installed a variety of products from the Halo Shield range at offices across the UK.

“The video is self explanatory, it shows just how easily the system works and it something that fills me with pride.”


The Halo Shield System includes a range of product designed to keep people safe following the Covid-19 pandemic.

They include thermal camera systems, entry point systems and even foot operated sanitiser dispensers.

It must be stressed, the systems do not detect people with Covid-19, but instead symptoms that are consistent with the virus.

The Halo Shield Systems are used as an early warning system to keep individuals safe.

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