Halo Scout Leads UK Construction Towards Net Zero Goal

Halo Scout Leads UK Construction Towards Net Zero Goal

Red CCTV insists the Halo Scout CCTV System can lead the UK construction industry to the Holy Grail that is Net Zero.

The Halo Scout CCTV System is the UK’s cleanest remote CCTV site security system of its kind – capable of running in the field for months without charge.

It delivers 4K live streaming from site and is equipped with object classification based analytical software to reduce false alarms by up to 95%.

Crucially, the Halo Scout emits ZERO emissions – and can run in the field under its own power for up to 12 months – leaving no carbon footprint.

Even more incredibly, the system is designed to run indefinitely when fitted with the optional solar power plug-in – the first autonomous product of its type in the industry.

Significant Development

“This is a significant development in the drive to deliver construction sites with Net Zero outputs,” explained Red CCTV Technical Director Ashley Cardno.

“Obviously, this isn’t just construction, this is a breakthrough moment for any sector which requires site or compound security or any longer term remotely monitored CCTV surveillance system.

“The Halo Scout is the first battery powered perimeter system capable of running autonomously in the field whilst live streaming footage from site.

“The technology built into the systems reduce false alarms and classify potential site breaches, for example being able to identify humans, vehicles and the like.

“Each Scout can provide protection up to 140m linear with a full 360 degrees coverage.

“The Scout is equipped with two way audio to warn potential intruders and is equipped with an active red and blue visual deterrent which, strobe when triggered.

“The whole system is monitored by our dedicated Alarm Receiving Control Centre meaning clients protected by the Halo Scout are protecting their own assets and the environment.”

Remote Location

The Halo Scout was created in direct response to a client request to provide security in a remote location where there was no power source.

Red CCTV have led the way with solar and wind turbine powered solution, unveiling the solar powered Fastmast more than six years ago.

Rather than adding further solar panels, the Red CCTV instead turned their attention to smarter battery powered systems and the possibility of zero carbon emissions.

The System, is self-sufficient and able to run continuously in the field for months without needing to be charged.

There are two versions of the Halo Scout System, the Halo Scout and Halo Scout +, which can be deployed depending on the suitability of the site.

Ashley, added: “The Scout would be used in site for lower level detection, these are rapidly deployable units and which can be used as part of a site perimeter system.

“The Halo Scout + is a tower system, which uses the same technology and self-sustained power, but allows sites to be monitored from an elevated position.

“That means it is suitable for a site where there may be obstacles at ground level or where clients want to ensure their sites contain a very visual deterrent as well as a technological barrier.”

CN Specialists Awards

The Halo Scout has been shortlisted in the 2021 CN Specialists Awards ‘Innovation Of The Year (Non Contractor) Award

Judges from more than 60 major contractors and industry figures short-listed the Scout for the prestigious award, with the winner announced in October.

It will compete with the innovative Halo Access A-Pod for the top prize, a contactless site access solution also created by Red CCTV, to future proof site access.

Red CCTV have been leading the battle to reduce carbon emissions from construction sites and compounds for many years and are leading the battle to achieve Net Zero.

They have been including emissions reports for clients for almost a decade, illustrating the CO2 and fuel savings achieved by using the innovative range of products.

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