Halo Eco Smart CCTV Towers Keeping UK Business Secure During Covid Lockdown

Halo Eco Smart CCTV Towers are keeping UK businesses safe during lockdown. An army of Halo Eco Smart CCTV Towers have been deployed to compounds and sites across the UK. The Halo Eco Smart CCTV Towers, equipped with SMART analytical software, are capable of detecting intruders up to a 1km from their placing – even […]

Red CCTV Post Impressive Annual Carbon Savings Report

Red CCTV saved clients almost 900 tonnes of harmful carbon emissions last year. That’s the amount of CO2 emissions that were not released into the atmosphere thanks to impressive eco-friendly Halo CCTV Tower System. It would have needed a forest of more than 1,200 acres to absorb that amount of carbon.  That’s almost three times […]