Red CCTV Post Impressive Annual Carbon Savings Report

Red CCTV Post Impressive Annual Carbon Savings Report

Red CCTV saved clients almost 900 tonnes of harmful carbon emissions last year.

That’s the amount of CO2 emissions that were not released into the atmosphere thanks to impressive eco-friendly Halo CCTV Tower System.

It would have needed a forest of more than 1,200 acres to absorb that amount of carbon. 

That’s almost three times the size of Hyde Park, more than twice the size of Sherwood Forest and larger than the RSPB’s Franchises Lodge in the north of the New Forest National Park near Nomansland in Wiltshire.

Red CCTV launched the Halo Eco Smart CCTV Systems 12 months ago specifically to reduce client carbon footprint and save fuel costs.

In its first year the innovative Halo Eco Smart CCTV Systems saved a combined 898,443kg of CO2 emissions through its innovative fuelling system.

That’s the equivalent of 306 tons of waste being recycled instead of sent to landfill, 34,141 lamps switched to LEDS, and a staggering 114,500,432 mobile phones charged, it has also saved clients huge fuel costs.

Our systems have saved more than £210,788 worth of fuel – an astonishing 345,555 litres!


Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy, said: “It is quite staggering when you stop and consider the damage traditional fuelling methods are doing to the environment – and how we can make a difference.

“Protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions is, quite rightly, hugely important and it is great to be able to play a small role.

“We worked tirelessly to produce a cleaner, more efficient, more effective way to power CCTV Towers and the results are clear.

“The fact that we are able to view the results, via the inbuilt telematics just reinforces that message and provides real transparency for clients.

“I’m incredibly proud and I hope, as more people become aware of the benefits of our Halo Eco CCTV Tower System, the more C02 emissions will be saved.

“And, let’s not forget, in these difficult times, as well as the savings to the planet there are huge savings on actual fuel bills – almost a quarter of a million pounds in diesel in a single year!”


The Halo Eco CCTV Tower System launched to much acclaim 12 months ago after Red CCTV, backed by the Northern Powerhouse Fund, created a smarter solution for clients.

The Halo Tower has solar and wind turbine power options, along with an innovative fuel system that hugely reduces the requirement for diesel generators.

Aside from the fueling benefits, the Halo Eco CCTV Tower is the first modular system to be introduced to the UK market, which each section of the Tower weighing less than 25kg.

Multiple towers can be delivered to the site and commissioned by a single operative, further saving fuel and labour costs.

CCTV Towers are equipped with high tech cameras with analytical software which makes them able to detect rubbish, stray vegetation, and differentiate between animals and humans – reducing false alarms by up to 95%.

Kennedy, added: “We believe the Halo Eco CCTV Towers are a game changed. They are the most technologically advanced CCTV Towers available, they are easily transportable, take minutes to erect and provide a first-class site security system.

“We have a number of options for the tower, meaning they can be adapted for use in the remote highlands or in busy city centers were spaces is tight, and all the time they are capturing crucial evidence for clients, saving fuel, labour costs, and of course, harmful CO2 emissions.”


Red CCTV’s Halo Eco CCTV has been used by clients in the rail, construction, and utility sectors providing CCTV protection to site compounds, offices, retail spaces, and yards across the country.

Since it’s launch Red CCTV has continued innovating, and in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, launched the Halo Shield body temperature monitoring systems.

The Halo Shield is a thermal camera, equipped with artificial intelligence, which scans individuals as they approach and immediately measures their body temperature.

Health officials say high body temperatures are a symptom of Covid-19 and, as a result, anyone with a higher than normal temperature can be at risk.

The Halo Shield Systems have been deployed to the front line by the likes of the Morson Group to protect staff, visitors, and suppliers.

Both the Halo Eco CCTV Tower and the Halo Shield are proudly designed and built in the Greater Manchester region, and have been deployed across the UK.

Red CCTV have launched a special Back To Business Halo bundle package providing clients with Halo Eco CCTV Tower and a Halo Shield Pod Lite for a reduced price, to try and help British business get back to normal.

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