Red CCTV Launch Halo Access A-Pod Site System


Red CCTV Launch Halo Access A-Pod Site System

Red CCTV believes the Halo Access A-Pod redefines the future of site access.

The A-Pod is a totally contactless solution set to become the new norm for workers, visitors, and suppliers entering building sites or compounds.

The Halo Access A-Pod is a self-contained access solution designed to enable people to enter and leave sites effectively and safely.

Red CCTV believe the A-Pod will prove crucial for clients across multiple sectors including construction, rail, utilities, transportation, and commercial sectors.

The A-Pod benefits include:

  • Screening for Covid symptoms
  • Face mask detection
  • Checks entry credentials
  • Records personnel flow
  • Track and Trace capability 
  • Autonomous – does not require human intervention

Covid Safe

The A-Pod is a self-contained site access point. It allows clients to create safer working environments, by removing the need for human operatives to check credentials of individuals requiring site access.

Anyone attempting to enter the site must do so, by entering the A-Pod. Access to the A-Pod is granted via the Halo Smart Tile, an intelligent cloud-based technology system.

This means only permitted personnel can enter site by showing their smartphone to the Halo Smart Tile Access Point.

Once allows inside the self-contained A-Pod individuals are scanned autonomously for biometric and temperature checks, as well as face mask detection.

For those individuals that pass pre-defined conditions, a door will open and they will be allowed entry to the site. Those that fail to meet requirements will be denied access and, another door will open for them to leave the Pod.

Red CCTV Technical Director Ashley Cardno, said: “This is a very exciting and crucial next step for accessing sites or compounds.

“We believe the A-Pod provides clients across multiple sectors with a hugely significant new norm for keeping people safe and accurately recording those people on-site at any time.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to re-think everything we do and, even with the introduction of a vaccine the virus itself is here for some time to come.

“And moving beyond Coronavirus there could be other viral infections that need to be guarded against.

Contactless Site Solution

“The Halo A-Pod provides a fully contactless site solution, it allows clients to create safe spaces for those that have to enter the site without having to place members of staff at risk by asking them to take manual readings or physical record comings and goings.

“The A-Pod can check whether individuals are wearing facemasks and can also be programmed to deliver messages to individuals as they enter via video screens. It’s a truly innovative system and its potential is almost limitless.”

As well as monitoring the health and wellbeing of staff entering the site, the system doubles up as a roll call time management system.

Track and trace capabilities allow clients to trace anyone who may have entered the site or been working close to someone who subsequently contracts Coronavirus or other illness.

This provides the most up-to-date, effective, and speedy safe management of employees.

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