Taziker Hail Halo Access A-Pod Success At Multi-Million Temple Meads Renovation

Taziker Hail Halo Access A-Pod Success At Multi-Million Temple Meads Renovation

Taziker have hailed the success of the Halo Access A-Pod for its role in keeping the Temple Meads renovation site safe.

They became the first contractor in the UK to deploy the contactless access system and they say it has played an ‘important factor’ in keeping people safe on their site.

The Halo Access A-Pod is an innovative contactless site access solution. It was created by Red CCTV, and utilises cloud-based technology to allow entry to site without the need for human intervention.

Access to the site is granted via an exclusive smartphone App which permits entry to the Halo Access A-Pod, where credentials are checked in real-time, before access is granted.

Taziker Senior Site Manager Steve Sargant, said “The A-Pod access system from Red CCTV provides Taziker a unique site access control system which provides site security and Covid-19 temperature checks when entering the worksite, providing facial recognition, temperature monitoring and hands-free access via a smart phone APP.

“The A-Pod system was setup with minimal effort by Red CCTV Engineers and is very easy to use, with on call support from Red CCTV.”

Site Safety

Taziker Managing Director Infrastructure, Neil Harrison, said: “The A-Pod system from Red CCTV has been an important factor in keeping our site and our people safe during the recent work at the station. 

“By utilising this technology, we are able to record access to the site and monitor the temperature of employees and visitors to ensure the continued safety of our people, the site compound and the station itself.

“We have completed two blockades in the past few months to carry out important stages of the project at Bristol Temple Meads, and with our stringent health and safety standards, we will continue to use the A-Pod to ensure site safety is upheld every day.”

The Halo Access A-Pod was deployed to the £24 million Bristol Temple Meads Station Upgrade following successful trials.

It will be used to provide access to site for all workers and will conduct facial biometrics checks, body temperature measuring and face mask detection.

The Halo Access A-Pod, developed by Red CCTV, provides a totally contactless solution for clients, and removes the need for human intervention.

“It removes staff members from harms way and negates the need to manually conduct temperature testing, providing a totally sterile, clean, safe way to enter site,” explained Red CCTV Technical Director Ashley Cardno.

Cloud Technology

“The system is highly sophisticated, it embraces cloud based technology and allows clients to onboard staff members in real time.

“Anyone wishing to enter site will need our dedicated App. The system uses dedicated NFC and QR Access technology downloaded to gain access to the pod, whereby facial recognition software checks the credentials of the user.

“The body temperature of the user is checked, along with safety checks such as face mask and safety helmet detection. Providing everything is in order, the individual will be permitted access onto site.

“The procedure takes no more than a few seconds and then also is used to monitor the physical number of people on site at any one time, and provides a digital record of movement.

“The screens inside allow clients to display crucial messaging, updates for staff and even individual instructions if required – all without human intervention.

“Should anyone not meet the required criteria, for any reason, access to the site will be denied and instead, a door will open to allow the individual back out onto the public side of the site.


“We are delighted with its early success and, it is fantastic to see it being used on a daily basis by Taziker on such an important project.”

Taziker were awarded the £24 million contract by Network Rail to conduct vital renovation program at Bristol Temple Meads Station, the first major works at the station for 25 years.

The site is Grade 1 listed and is regarded as one of Britain’s most important structures, built by the world renowned Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and opened in 1840 as a gateway to the West Country.

His original building still stands today, though was later incorporated as part of a ‘new’ station, designed by Matthew Digby Wyatt, part of Brunel’s original team, which opened in 1874.

The new station was built to accommodate increased traffic and the demands of three separate railway companies operating out of Bristol, though two later actually merged during the building works.

CCTV Systems

“The stand out feature at Bristol Temple Meads is in the incredible curved roof, designed by architect Francis Fox for Digby all that time ago,” Ashley added.

“It serves as a real testimony to their engineering prowess and stands as a moment in time, it’s pretty incredible really.

“We are honoured to work with Taziker on such a project, an aside from the A-Pod, we are also created a bespoke security solution, utilising a System which provides security to a 1,000 sq ft compound and a second, remote site.

“The camera tower is equipped with 4K CCTV cameras, all remotely controlled, and capable streaming live footage around the clock.

“The cameras are equipped with the latest Home Office Approved analytical software which reduces false alarms by up to 90%.

“The CCTV System contains our unique power supply, designed to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce clients carbon footprint, and so far has been a complete success.”

Red CCTV installed a fixed system at Temple Meads to protect the site, staff, plant and machinery for the duration of the project.

The System includes remotely controllable 4K CCTV cameras, all capable of live streaming and equipped with the latest analytical software, to provide around the clock protection.

Halo Solo CCTV

Red CCTV also installed a Halo Solo CCTV Tower on a secondary, remote compound, which needed to be 100% self-powered, with no power available on site.

Aside from the fuelling, and obvious environmental benefits, the Red CCTV Systems utilities the very latest analytic software, approved by the Home Office, and capable of reducing false alarms by up to 90%.

The Red CCTV Systems are capable of recognising genuine attempts at criminality, as oppose to the encroachment of animals, stray vegetation or items displaced by weather systems. All of the cameras are remotely controlled and capable of crucial evidence gathering.

All of the cameras are remotely controlled and capable of crucial evidence gathering and monitored by Red CCTV dedicated Alarm Receiving Control Centre.

Red CCTV has also provide human security guards and have an immediate response team on hand should any incidents occur.

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