Red CCTV Lead Pipeline Industries Guild Site Security Webinar

Red CCTV Lead Pipeline Industries Guild Site Security Webinar

RED CCTV will host a live webinar on the future of site security and the battle to achieve Net Zero.

The Manchester based security specialists will share some of the secrets of their success to members of the Pipeline Industries Guild next month.

And Red CCTV will sponsor the Pipeline Industries Guild and UK Society for Trenchless Technology’s upcoming webinar to discuss the industry’s drive towards net zero and reduction in environmental impact.

Mike Elmer of National Grid and Scott Stone of VolkerTrenchless Solutions will lead a webinar, sponsored by Red CCTV, on the Pipeline Guild on July 20th.

Red CCTV have led the way over the past 12-months on three key issues affecting construction sites and compounds with innovative new technology which provides future proof solutions.

They will discuss three key areas of concern including the industry drive to achieve Net Zero, the impact of Covid and longer tern concerns provoked by the pandemic, and the development of new leading security systems.

Red CCTV Managing Director Rob Kennedy and Technical Director Ashley Cardno will address delegates with a 60-minute live webinar.


It will include a 30-minute presentation, entitled ‘The Future Of Site Security: Contactless and Carbon Neutral” on July 27, 2021 from 12 noon.

Delegates will be invited to take part in a live Q&A to the creators of the Halo Access A-Pod, the Halo Shield and Halo Scout CCTV Systems.

They will provide insight behind the technology and discuss the impact these technological breakthroughs will have across the industry.

Rob, said: “We are delighted to host the webinar and look forward to discuss these issues with our fellow members and anyone who wishes to attend.

“We have had concerns about the impact our industry is having on the environment for many years and, we have invested significantly to try and find alternative solutions.

“For us, Net Zero and talk of reducing emissions is more than just words. We always knew there was a better way and after a decade of development we now have the answer.

“We are delighted to share this journey with our the Pipeline Industries Guild and show others how they too can embrace this technology which will literally begin the process of saving our planet.”

In the past 12 months Red CCTV have introduced three hugely significant innovations which all solve very different – but equally important – aspects of site security.

Halo Scout

The Halo Scout CCTV System is the first CCTV System to run autonomously under its own power – without emitting ANY carbon emissions – whilst live streaming 4k footage from even the most remote locations.

Industry giants Morgan Sindall, the QTS Group, Barhale are all using the new system, which can run in the field without charge for up to a year – and leaves NO carbon footprint.

The Halo Shield System was created as a direct response to the Covid pandemic.

This self-contained thermal imaging system uses AI and highly sophisticated software analytics to take body temperature readings of to 30-people-per second.

It was designed to identify individuals with elevated temperates, a key symptom of Covid, to create safer working spaces for clients and is used across multiple sectors.

Aside from the accuracy of the Halo Shield, a huge part of it’s success was the fact that it removed the need for a member of staff to be placed in harms way by being forced to take a manual reading.

Contactless Access

This contactless system inspired the Red CCTV development team create the Halo Access A-Pod, a totally contactless site access solution.

The Halo Access A-Pod allows clients to onboard staff in real-time remotely and permits individuals to access site without needing to come into contact with a human operative.

The System is accessed via a dedicated smartphone app and is capable of checking credentials, body temperature of operatives and issues such as safety helmet or face mask detection.

Taziker have been using the Halo Access A-Pod on the £24 million Bristol Temple Meads restoration program for Network Rail.

Red CCTV will share some of the secrets behind the range of innovative products and discuss the challenges around Net Zero and site security.

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