Red CCTV Are Energy Awards Finalists

Red CCTV Are Energy Awards Finalists

Red CCTV are finalists at the 2021 Energy Awards.

Our innovative Halo Shield System has been shortlisted in the category ‘Physical Technology Of The Year’ in the prestigious awards.

This category is designed to ‘throw the spotlight on new ideas’ across the energy sector and highlights innovative inventions.

The Energy Awards winners will be crowned at a star studded award ceremony on Wednesday September 22 at The Grosvenor in London.

The Halo Shield was unveiled 12 months ago as a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic as it swept through Britain.

“We were asked by an existing client if we could help them to screen employees for potentially high temperatures,” explained Rob Kennedy, Red CCTV Managing Director.

Covid Symptom

“Medical experts said that elevated body temperatures were a key symptom of Covid and so, our client, wanted to be able to identify those people that posed a risk.

“It didn’t mean those people had Covid and, of course, it is impossible to determine that without physical testing, but we have worked with thermal cameras for many years and set about creating a possible solution.

“The result is a highly sophisticated self-contained system which produces instantaneous results, quietly scanning anyone attempting to enter a building without fuss or the need for human interaction.

“The Halo Shield System scans a person, even if they are wearing a helmet of face covering, and produces an immediate body temperature result, allowing the client to immediately identify those who may be a risk.”

Key Workers

The Halo Shield System was launched to immediate success and was very quickly rolled out to provide protection for key workers around the country.

Cadent, Network Plus, the Morson Group, Flannery Plant Hire, Balfour Beatty and Balfour Beatty VINCI all deployed the Halo Shield System.

Red CCTV developed three versions of the Halo Shield to satisfy client requirements including space, and the ability to add video message.

Each unit is self-contained and so remains free of tripods and trailing wires, which could become trip hazards, and is branded according to client demands.

“It was very obvious very quickly there was a huge demand for this system, it provided clients with a complete solution,” Kennedy added.

“The technology includes highly sophisticated analytical software which, can be amended to suit the client so, for example, to detect whether face masks are being work or safety helmets for construction sites.

Energy Awards

“We added an automated entry system so that shops or places where it was crucial to monitor the number of people inside could easily manage the flow of people.

“We believe the Halo Shield will become common practice as, way beyond Covid, this is a way of creating safer working spaces.”

The Halo Shield has now been shortlisted in the Energy Awards ‘Physical Technology Of The Year’ category.

The Energy Awards celebrates the achievements of the energy industry in front of an audience of 500 energy professionals, from suppliers to brokers to technology providers.

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