Flannery Plant Hire – UK Sites Protected

PROJECT: Flannery Plant hire – Multiple UK Sites CLIENT: P. Flannery Limited DESCRIPTION Flannery secured with AI CCTV and Red Monitoring ABOUT OUR WORK Enhancing Security: Flannery Plant Hire Partners with RED CCTV for Cutting-Edge Protection In the fast-paced world of construction and infrastructure, safeguarding valuable assets is a paramount concern. Flannery Plant Hire, a […]

Taziker Fabrication Facility – Blackburn

PROJECT: Taziker Fabrication Facility – Blackburn CLIENT: Taziker DESCRIPTION Multiple IP CCTV & IP Audio system security installation ABOUT OUR WORK Red CCTV installed a full security system to Taziker’s Fabrication Facility in Blackburn This site is over 100’000 square-foot capacity for offices and the fabrication facility which is owned and operated by Taziker. With […]

Deal Street, Victoria Station

PROJECT: Deal Street Maintenance Delivery Unit CLIENT: Taziker for Network Rail DESCRIPTION Upgrade of MDU at Manchester Victoria Street Station For Transpennine Route Upgrade ABOUT OUR WORK Red CCTV Provided protection to Taziker’s Network Rail Deal Street Trackside Depot. The work was crucial to Taziker and Network Rail’s Transpennine Route Upgrade Works at Manchester’s Victoria Street […]

Wembley Park

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Bristol Temple Meads Station​

PROJECT: Bristol Temple Meads Station CLIENT: Taziker for Network Rail DESCRIPTION £24 million station renovation ABOUT OUR WORK Red CCTV were tasked with providing a complete security solution for Taziker at Bristol Temple Meads. This would be the first major renovation works at the historical Grade 1 listed building for 25 years. The renovation work […]

Potters Way Project

Red CCTV Case Study

PROJECT: Red CCTV Case Study CLIENT: Barhale for Anglian Water @ one Alliance DESCRIPTION £2.8 million sewer regeneration ABOUT OUR WORK Barhale saved 24 tonnes of carbon thanks to Red CCTV’s eco-friendly CCTV Tower System. They deployed the Halo Eco Smart CCTV system at the £2.8 million Anglian Water Potters Way Project in Peterborough. The […]

Purfleet Chalk Cutting

PROJECT: Purfleet Chalk Cutting CLIENT: Taziker for Network Rail DESCRIPTION Essential works to stablise a chalk cutting & protect tracks. ABOUT OUR WORK Taziker saved the carbon equivalent of 1,100 trees on a Network Rail project thanks to Red CCTV They deployed Red CCTV’s innovate Halo Eco Smart CCTV Tower for crucial works on the […]

Cork Harbour Project

Cork Harbour Project

PROJECT: Cork Harbour Project CLIENT: O’Connor Utilities DESCRIPTION €144 million project to connect sewage pipes ABOUT OUR WORK Red CCTV played a pivotal role in the two of the longest horizontal directional drills ever carried out in Ireland. Deep below the Lee Estuary, engineers were attempting to drill bores between Cobh and Monkstown. And thanks […]

Halo Shield Cadent Roll-Out

PROJECT: Halo Shield Cadent Roll-Out CLIENT: Cadent DESCRIPTION Roll-out of Halo Shield System to protect Cadent key workers during Covid-19 pandemic ABOUT OUR WORK Thousands of Cadent staff are being protected by the Halo Shield in the battle against Covid 19 Hundreds of employees are screened daily by the utility giant using the innovative Halo […]

Iron Bridge Renovation

PROJECT: Iron Bridge Renovation CLIENT: Taziker Industrial for English Heritage DESCRIPTION Provide security during £3.6 million renovation of world’s oldest iron bridge ABOUT OUR WORK Red CCTV worked with Taziker Industrial and English Heritage on the world famous Iron Bridge Iron Bridge was built by Thomas Telford in 1781 and is the oldest iron bridge […]